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What can I do to ensure that my company is found optimally on Sherlock Who?!?

Sherlock Who?! is a search engine that automatically generates its information from the contents and structures of corporate websites. The better and more easily the information on your company website is available, the better your company will be found on Sherlock Who?! For this purpose we have compiled a small checklist with simple but effective measures:


  • charge time! Pay attention to the loading time of your pages: Search engines are not always patient and your visitors may have it more urgent: What is not loaded after 10 seconds will not be loaded anymore. When the search engine will pass the next time is then uncertain.
  • Good html and valid JavaScript! Pay attention to clean code. Many browsers compensate faulty html and JS, so that you do not recognize errors in the browser. However, tags that have been opened or closed incorrectly can cause search engines to read your web pages incorrectly.
  • Clean character encoding! Make sure the character encoding is clean. UTF8 is the default. Copy&paste when inserting content quickly causes you to have wild format mixes in your website and search engines can't read them properly. TIP: If you copy text, first paste it in Notepad++ into a document in UTF8 format and then copy it out into your web page.
  • text as html! Avoid relevant texts and headings in image form, Flash or JavaScript. Search engines cannot read texts on images and in videos or cannot read them reliably. Even text that is only available after JavaScript or Flash has been executed is usually not captured. Therefore, you should always write text that is relevant for search engines in html.
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  • image descriptions! Provide pictures with meaningful descriptions and use alternative texts. Then a search engine also knows what a picture is about.
  • Buttons with CSS and Text! Do not use graphics as navigation buttons, but text designed with CSS. Then a search engine knows what is written on a button.


  • If you have a multilingual website, make sure that you can access the different language versions clearly from the start page.
  • Simple site structures! Avoid complex page structures, especially framesets.
  • Clean page structure! Make sure that your website has a clean structure. Use subfolders and name them so expressively that a search engine knows what to expect ("Jobs" is better than "We are looking for you"; "Products" is better than "V-Series".
  • Sitemaps! Use Sitemaps. They help search engines to orient themselves on your website and to find the relevant content.
  • Headings with tags! Use tags to format and structure your headings. Then a search engine knows what's important.
  • Meta tags! Use meta tags. The opinion circulates that metatags are not noticed by search engines. Especially title and description tags are considered in the B2B area. Make sure that your metatags make sense and match the relevant content of the respective page.
  • Html5 meta tags! Make the content on your website recognizable. Especially the navigation, advertisements and news. This is the best way for a search engine to recognize what actually belongs to the content and what does not.
  • Declare language! Make sure that the language of each individual page is declared correctly.
  • Make sure that the external links that lead to you have appropriate link texts.


  • German website! Please keep in mind that Sherlock Who currently only searches on German speaking websites. So you need a German version of your Website to make your Website being indexed and discoverable at Sherlock Who. Alternatively you can participate one of our OneClickExpos. Then your virtual stand will be created in German language, too, and indexed by our search engine.
  • Applicable Keywords! Use applicable keywords and metatags. Pay attention to alternative spellings and synonyms.
  • link texts! Use link texts that apply to your links and titles that apply to your pages.
  • Say concretely what you do! Make sure that you describe your company, your core competencies and your products or services accurately. Do this in HTML texts, not in pictures, videos, PDF files or Flash.
  • Synonyms! Make sure that you also use synonyms, alternative descriptions and spellings when it comes to your keywords.
  • spelling! Pay attention to the spelling - small typos can cause great damage.
  • Titles! Use meaningful headings with your keywords. The "most heat-resistant epoxy resin adhesive on the market" is better than "more durable than its competition, even when it gets hot". Think about what your customers enter into a search engine.
  • Not waffle! Get your content to the point. Long versions dilute your content and make it less relevant for your actual keywords. Many management consultancies are a good, negative example of this.

If your company meets all these criteria, it may not yet be indexed. Then please use the contact form to send us a short message with your company URL and we will index your company immediately.

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