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If you are looking for new suppliers on a business level, you need a search engine that delivers objective and independent search results. Conventional search engines cannot do this. They finance themselves by finding companies that pay for them. Buyers and technicians have been patronized by search engines for years.

With Sherlock Who, purchasers and technicians for the first time have the chance to free themselves from being patronized by search engines. Sherlock Who is the only company search engine that focuses on the independence of search results.

With each search inquiry Sherlock Who searches the web pages of over 270,000 German-language supplier companies for the search terms. The search results are sorted according to their relevance and are unaffected by advertising. All information is obtained from company websites. Our algorithm permanently searches the Internet for companies. Every company with a German-language company website is automatically registered with Sherlock Who. Companies also have the option of registering their own company and optimizing their company entry. All you have to do is register with Sherlock Who.

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