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Transparency at last in the search for suppliers

Sherlock Who is the only search engine in the German-speaking world with which you can search for new suppliers in an equally transparent, objective and comprehensive manner thanks to specialized search technology!

  • Transparent, because you get detailed, unbiased and up-to-date results for your search terms.
  • Objective, because Sherlock Who is free of purchase placements, advertising and search engine marketing.
  • Comprehensive, because with Sherlock Who you find 95% of all German-speaking B2B companies.

Sherlock Who analyzes and searches more than 250,000 websites of German-speaking B2B suppliers for you in real time and presents the search results clearly and unbiased - free of charge.

That's why over 15,000 professional buyers and technicians use Sherlock Who for supplier searches every month.



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Digital Initiative RegioWeiser

With digitization to regionalization

With the "Regional B2B Atlas" initiative, we offer counties and regions the opportunity to bring lasting transparency to local B2B companies - with minimal effort and a small budget.

Learn more about the regional B2B atlas initiative

The search engine to small and medium sized enterprises

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Learn more about the b2b search engine
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